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The 2017 cruising programme is jointly organised and promoted by the Lymington Town Sailing and Keyhaven Yacht Clubs. Whether large yacht or small, cruising or racing, long or short distance, there should be something of interest for skippers and crew. All members of both clubs are welcome to join in for cruising in company.

KYC members also enjoy an impromptu approach to cruising which is about “its Friday night, the forecast is good, lets go to……. And see if anyone wants to join us.”

Best way to find out what is happening is to ensure the Club Secretary knows you like to cruise and has an up to date email address for you. Send me your boat name and type and I can ensure you are in the cruising group. 

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The Cruising captain Peter Fisher can be reached by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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NAVWARN No 54/17




If you are organising a club rally to Keyhaven Yacht Club, we would like to welcome you. If you have more than three vessels, or more than 6 rally members who would like to go ashore, we can provide a trot boat service, within the harbour, on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon & evening, by prior arrangement. Please contact the KYC secretary Alison to discuss your visit.

You will need to contact Roy Plummer, the Keyhaven River Warden on 01590 645695, or 07823 775534 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange for moorings. t/keyhaven/expanded.asp

Peter Fisher

Cruising Captain

June 17

The RYA and Cruising Association have both rescently highlighted problems with the use of red diesel in Belgium


Peter Fisher

Cruising Captain

June 17

The Sailing Committee has agreed to the use of Watchdog by the Cruising Section when attending organised rallies and events, to ferry crew & luggage within the harbour.
• Watchdog is to be helmed by a holder of RYA Powerboat Level 2 qualification, who has undergone vessel specific training for use of Watchdog. This training includes details on where the keys are held
• The helmsman is to carry a VHF Radio on Channel 37
• Lifejackets or buoyancy aids are to be worn by all the occupants
• Watchdog is not to be taken past the Hawkers Buoy or the entrance to the harbour buoys
• Please return Watchdog promptly, one person returning her to her mooring and using a club tender to return to their boat. This process can be reversed on the return. For Club organised rallies the restriction that requires a tender to be returned if you are away for more than one night can be relaxed, but only for the helmsman of Watchdog.
• Watchdog can only be used for ferrying cruisers when not being used as a committee boat, however, it should be possible to accommodate cruiser requirements either on passage to the race area, or on return, by negotiation. If it really isn’t possible to use Watchdog, then one of the Ribs can be utilised.
• It should also be noted that one of the clubs tenders is quite large and could accommodate four members with luggage.

Peter Fisher
Cruising Captain
June 2017