On Saturday 20th May the youth sailors met at KYC to find the wind gusting up to 29kts at Hurst and the average windspeed hovering arouns 20kts. However, the sea state was slight and sheltered so after some careful crew management to ensure that the more experienced (and heavier) sailors were matched with the younger lighter ones we decided commit to a short sail in the creek. One private Quba, a club Quba, the Tera and a C-ByteII were launched with all but the C-Byte having a crew. After leaving the shelter of the wall and a beat up Short Reach the sailors realised the fun of heavy wind sailing as all but the Tera planed down Long Reach to the Castle. The day was not without its capasizes but everyone enjoyed the challenge and experience.

The success of the day was measured by the size of the grins as the youths de-rigged. After the fun of the sail we met back up in the garden for a Barbeque organised by Lizzie where both the parents and the youths enjoyed a social and relaxed end to the evening